Saturday January 23, 2021


J Hawkes

Thank you for the very informative and enjoyable tour we had today of the rooms dealing with British Regency/Neo Classical artefacts.

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Rowlands Castle

.... thank you again on behalf of Rowlands Castle for a really inspirational presentation which you delivered to our Guest Night Meeting yesterday evening. We much enjoyed the humour and modernity which you brought to your subject matter, inspiring those with little knowledge or appreciation of works of art and those who know a great deal ... there was much talk around what a good evening it had been and how polished your presentation was. SC

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Kingsclere & Headley Woodlands

There is not much more I can add in the way of thanks for your talk than was contained in a very short verbal vote of thanks I offered on behalf of our group yesterday afternoon - not without falling into 'over-the-top' territory, that is perilously easy to do in this instance. For the record though, I will repeat just a few of those points in this formal vote of thanks. We have had some good speakers in the past and we have had some others, but we enjoyed a high point yesterday which I suspect will be very hard to beat. It was a delight  to be taken on your tour through this period of excellence in architecture, the graphic arts and the classical influences which inspired the movement. We were reminded of things we should never have forgotten and we hopefuly learnt much we had not previously known. I think I used the word 'elegant' in respect of your presentation and that it certainly was. Among much else, you incororated a clear image of the way politics, wealth, artistic integrity and social standing came together to create such a stunning legacy for 'ordinary man' to enjoy indefinitely. NS

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S Hestetter & P Alvarez

Not only is the (V&A) Museum absolutely delightful, but our tour guide, Stephen, was bright, engaging and made the exhibits come alive for us. Thank you.

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G Farrell

Just been on the tour of the (RA) Fine Rooms & it was wonderful! Stephen was so informed & interesting - he brought everything to life - I've never been on a tour that kept me so enthralled.  

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